Welcome to CanWest Homestays

We are a homestay placement agent dedicated to providing top-level care and housing to international students under 19 years of age.

Why CanWest:

Living abroad, away from family and cultural support systems, is difficult enough as an adult; as a child, the experience can be even more challenging, even overwhelming.  Most student agencies are skilled at handing student visa paperwork and school placement, but often have dozens or even hundreds of students being managed by a single agent.  This makes it impossible for most agents to provide the kind of support that family would provide in the student's home country.  While there can be no replacement for family, CanWest has a very workable student ratio that allows us to monitor a child's academic, emotional, and physcial well-being so that children studying abroad can succeed.  Sending a child overseas is a major investment.

Sending a child overseas is a major investment of time and money.  Families choose the country, city, and school their student will attend very carefully.  But success at school starts in the home.  Where a student lives is every bit as important and contributory to his or her success as the teacher one has, the school one attends, or the books one studies.  CanWest homes provide that solid foundation that allows a student to reach his or her full potential.

What We Do:

CanWest Hosts are carefully chosen.  Each host family:

- Speaks English in the home
- Lives in a detached, single-family home or townhouse
- Provides 3 meals a day with unrestricted access to food in the home
- Provides laundry service
- Has children of their own
- Are experienced homestay hosts
- Understand the unique needs of younger students and are ready to provide an extra level of care and attention to students
- Work togther with CanWest to monitor academic progress and emotional health
- Dedicate time to interact with the students and make them part of the family
- Are able to provide homework support for many mainstream subjects

CanWest's Managed Care service also includes:

- Regular communciation with the school counselors and teachers on student progress
- Custodianship and ongoing support with paperwork and signatory needs
- Help finding extracurricular help if necessary
- Course planning help
- Help communicating with the schools, school district, and staff if necessary
- Extracurricular activity counseling and planning assistance
- CV building help to make university entrance easier
- Support with medical and dental appointments
- Airport pickup
- Regular communication with student agents, schools, homestays, students and parents to make sure we're all operating as a team to help the student succeed.

You want to make the most of your time in Canada.

Choose CanWest Homestays for superior care to give you the absolute best chance of reaching your goals quickly, happily, and completely.